Here you can learn just how simple staking a tree can be.  The instructional videos are below, followed by printable instructions.

Ground Hook Install


  • Take 3’ strap and loop around trunk and limb of tree. Thread ends of the strap through opening of buckle and knot to secure. 
  • Tie overhand knot at the end of your 9’ strap and slide it into the slot on the ground hook anchor. 
  • Install ground hook anchor into ground using a steel rod and hammer or slide hammer. Drive anchor 24-36 inches deep.
  • Secure ground hook by pulling up on strap. Thread strap through the back of the buckle attached to tree and pull down for desired tension.

Terra Toggle Install

Using a water jet to install our terra toggle above and below ground anchor system has made it easier than ever.  With the water jet doing all the work, your tree will be staked in no time.  

Using an auger to create a pilot hole is an alternative to staking the terra toggle when there isn't a water source nearby.  

Root Ball Install

Making use of the powerful terra toggles, you are able to create anywhere from a 4 to a 12 point rootball system that will hold even the biggest of trees in place.  

Printable Instructions

Ground Hook Instructions (pdf)


Root Ball Instructions (pdf)


Terra Toggle Instructions (pdf)


Terra Toggle Visual Aid (pdf)


Root Ball Specs (pdf)